On June 30th, I was invited by the Times of India for their awareness campaign “Times fertile Conversations” on reproductive health. I was on the Panel for a discussion with Dr Sulbha Arora, Fertility expert who provided succinct information on Fertility treatments. Present at the event was the bonded community of MomsofIndia and Erum Saeed. The event was ably hosted by Gitanjali Banerjee, founder of InFertility Dost who initiated an eye-opening discussion on infertility, periods, IVF, PCOS and all other taboo subjects. As Gitanjali says “The term ‘infertility’ itself is seen as a word that shouldn’t be said out loud. People talk about it in hushed tones and some couples with infertility issues do not even wish to term it as ‘infertility’. The way society sees this issue is making it much more difficult to address it openly”.

The aim of this social meet up was to get people to open up and boost their morale that there is nothing wrong in discussing one’s infertility. The meet saw a lot of couples who had emerged successful after their tryst with infertility or those who are currently undergoing it and need a little boost up to face it head-on.

My own learning from the event was that Indian society still views infertility (especially in women) as a character flaw rather than a physiological malfunction. Many women spoke about their own journey with infertility. Their stories were eye-opening and heart wrenching. Yet the resilience of human nature always shines through. Seeing their courage and their humorous handling of this social taboo brought a smile to my face amidst the emotional discussion.

Sharing the video clipping from the event on where I spoke on how social taboos on infertility should be jointly handled by the family- rather than being a woman’s burden alone.

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