I work with adults who are distressed, stuck and overwhelmed, to create a plan and provide the tools they need to find emotional health.

I work with children struggling with exam stress, bullying or even the trauma of abuse so they can grow into healthy, functioning adults.

I work with families disconnected from each other and always in conflict, so they can communicate
better and function together

When life feels overwhelming and too much to bear, l help you find balance & take steps in the right direction so you can create your own happiness.

Welcome to Manashni

Whether you found your way to my website because you’re seeking help for yourself or a loved one, or information about mental health, I am so glad you came.

Seeking therapy is a courageous step. Especially in India where there are so many stigmas and misconceptions surrounding mental well-being.

My name is H’vovi, and I am a Psychotherapist. Whether you are an adult, a teenager or a child I will help you work through a broad spectrum of issues including depression, phobias, panic attacks, addictions, bipolar and personality disorders. I will also support you through adjustment issues, marital conflict, family problems, work and exam stress.

My website has everything you need to make an informed decision about seeking therapy. You will learn more about my approach, my specialisations, my credentials and answers to questions I am often asked about therapy. Look around. Take your time. When you’re ready, let’s talk.


  • “I was recommended to H'vovi by my doctor for anxiety and panic attacks and was told to contact H'vovi for counselling. I called her and immediately got a response from a very sweet and polite lady who spoke in a very caring nature. This makes you feel very nice all of a sudden. I have been going to H'vovi since a year and been seen a huge improvement in myself since the first day I met her. She's really professional and also at the same time very sweet and caring towards her clients.”
  • “I don't even know where to begin with H'vovi ma'am. I started taking therapy because I was depressed. Gradually, I understood my condition as Borderline Personality Disorder and accepted my diagnosis all because of her. Taking 2 years of therapy has changed my life beyond explanation. I have gone from a depressed self-doubting person to a rational, independent person, all because of H'vovi ma'am. Thanks to her for making such a big difference in my life.”
  • “I would like to thank H'vovi for her exceptional training methods and approach during my therapy sessions with her. I had some mild personality issues like low esteem, anxiety and short temper, which affected both my personal life and career. The sessions with her brought an incredible change in my thoughts, my personality and in the ways to handle certain difficult situations especially from my post-partum depression. My heartfelt gratitude and wishes for all success in her career and life.”
  • “I would say that you are just excellent at your work. After doing sessions with you I understood what exactly is my problem. You just guide me to the right path and make my problem look so small, your patience and ability to listen to me makes me feel so comfortable with you. I look forward for your appointments. Thanks for being there and putting in efforts to get me out of my problems.”
  • “I had returned to Mumbai, after leaving my first job in Chennai. I had had a torrid last 5-6 months at Chennai; and was asked to resign from my company - because I had taken out my frustrations through messages in a Whatsapp group; which got leaked. My morale was very low, and I needed therapy before I could begin my career afresh. What I liked about your approach as a therapist was that you made an extra effort to understand me, and get to know me - I felt I could freely share all my experiences with you; and ended up feeling better about myself. There was a lot of improvement in me which was noticed by everyone who observed me - I am now more confident and less insecure; I understand myself and love myself better. Your suggestion about blogging has also helped me immensely - it has become my passion and also a way to vent my feelings!”
  • “H'vovi is a rare therapist. She blends her natural gifts of insight, intelligence and compassion with a tireless commitment to cutting-edge research and innovation in psychology and counseling. In the ten years of counseling prior to meeting her, I had never encountered a therapist who so quickly identified the root of my issues or gave me hope that things could truly change. That change meant replacing fear and memories of trauma with exploring my true potential and defining my happiness. The bottom line: she helped me change my life.”
  • “I was referred to H'vovi after my second episode of depression. I had unsuccessfully tried to take my life in the 1st episode & was treated with antidepressants in Chennai. No one told me that I needed therapy to truly fix what was going wrong with my mind. H'vovi is the best thing that ever happened to me!!! She is a thorough professional, and strikes a fine balance between caring advice & tough guidance. She helped me understand Borderline Personality Disorder (which I was diagnosed with) and used EMDR, book readings and more techniques to help heal my trauma. My quality of life has increased and I no longer suffer from mood swings, outbursts & manic episodes. H'vovi has been integral to my professional success over the past 3 years, and I am back to delivering at my optimal best.”
  • “I met H'vovi a couple years ago, when my life started to seem like this Sensory-Deprivation Tank that I just couldn't escape. Growing up in an abusive home, I have always had a sense of being 'out of place'; I have almost always had bouts of overwhelming anxiety and helplessness. Seeing H'vovi has been one of the best things that's happened to me. It's scary to go to a psychotherapist in a country where mental health is still a taboo. But it has been nothing but a wonderful experience. She has been patient, kind, level-headed and always so professional. I understand that therapy is long process of small progresses, and I have learnt many little things in my time till now, with H'vovi, that have made big differences in my life. I now write widely online, about my mental illness and focus of spreading awareness about mental health; and I couldn't have the awareness myself to do that, if not for therapy and beginning to understand such a big part of myself.”

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